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Bill Morey
Costume Designer

5118 N. Wolcott
Chicago, IL 60640
773.271.1978 tel


"... Bill Morey's gorgeous and frequently witty costumes would stand up to any 'Gypsy' anywhere."
--Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

"Bill Morey's scores of playful, period-perfect costumes do just the trick."
--Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun Times

"... it would appear that no expense was spared for Bill Morey's many creative and historically accurate costumes."
--John Olson, The Sondheim Review

"For the characters on the vaudeville circuit and in the burlesque houses, Mr. Morey devised a sensational look for all, from the chorus to the leads. His inventive design was often amusing as well, and whether it was the outrageous strippers or the years-old frocks of Mama Rose, Mr. Morey made them all look sensational."
--Gay Chicago Magazine, 2006 After Dark Awards announcement

"... with costume designer Bill Morey adding just the right level of self-aware cheekiness..."
--Christopher Piatt, Time Out Chicago

"kudos go to... Bill Morey for his profusion of whimsical and anachronistic costumes. Picture a Candide dressed in a peasant's blouse, period knickers and high-top sneakers and you have the essence of this clever, Monty Pythonesque adaptation of a seldom produced American musical classic..."
--Colin Douglas, Centerstage Chicago

"One of the production's heroes is Bill Morey, who designed a wardrobe of exotic costumes that turned the theater into a rainbow of fabrics."
--Dan Zeff,

"... the costumes by Bill Morey provide most of the show's 18th century milieu, wittily evoking both the old world and the new while bringing in contemporary satiric edges."
--Paul Thompson,

"The army of chic women who cluster around Guido are dressed entirely in variations of sleek black (courtesy of costume designer Bill Morey)..."
--Hedi Weiss, Chicago Sun Times

"... jawdroppingly beautiful women (costumed to perfection in various "little black dresses" by Bill Morey)... and some pretty terrific historical-looking costumes...."
--Paul Thompson,

".. an enthralling cast that fills out Bill Morey's stylish and plush costumes..."
--Scott C. Morgan, Windy City Times.

The Robber Bridegroom:
"And then there are Bill Morey's costumes, which give all these nut cases a Broadway-style panache."
--Hedi Weiss, Chicago Sun Times

"The costumes by Bill Morey betray no budget or space limitations, but are period perfect and colorful."
John Olsen, Talkin' Broadway

Carpenters' Halloween:
"I will say this, Bill Morey's costumes (including the goofiest pair of bell-bottom jeans ever) are bang-on-the-money."
--Nina Metz, Newcity Chicago

A New Brain:
"How we dress is said to say a lot about who we are, and how Mr. Morey dressed the characters in "A New Brain" told us exactly who they were, their tastes and their little quirks. These are real people in real clothes that really showed just what the art of costuming is all about."
--Gay Chicago Magazine, 2002 After Dark Awards announcement

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